A Hasmonean Secret – A Hanukkah Historical Mystery


A Family Activity in Hebrew at the Tower of David

Meet Elazar Hermoni.  Elazar works as a guard at the entrance to the Tower of David.  He is a great guy, friendly and… cursed!  Yes, yes, he doesn’t want to believe it either, but a curse hangs over him and his entire family.

Once a year at Hanukkah, at the Tower of David, he has a chance to meet his ancestors and try to solve the great mystery of the Hermoni family.

You are invited to help Elazar break his family’s curse in a new, enjoyable theatrical tour at the Tower of David.

Amusing, interesting encounters with personalities who have just disappeared during various points in history:

  • a British lady fighting alongside the underground
  • a Crusader knight with a surprising secret
  • Elazar HaChorani, the brother of Judah Maccabee

In each one of these meetings, you will be presented with a challenge and uncover a clue connected to the larger mystery.  Once you collect all the clues, you can help remove the curse!

Tower of David, Jerusalem

A Hasmonean Secret

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