EZ Raider & Bike Family Sukkot Tours

Looking for a unique, fun day to spend with the kids over chol hamoed Sukkot? Rent a selection of fun family bikes at First Station or take an organized EZ Raider or Bike Tour of the neighborhood with Smart Tour.

EZ Raider is a new concept in off-road mobility. Take an hour and a half tour and glide through Jerusalem to see many of the famous sights and breath-taking landscapes of the capital. Riders must be 16 +.

EZ Raider tours start from Smart Tours new HQ at Washington Street (right near the King David Hotel).

The Classic EZ-Rider Tour

This tour will take you to the heart of Jerusalem, while passing by many of the city’s famous sites. This city tour will give you a unique and fun experience of Jerusalem! This tour will give you a glance of the special fusion of ancient and modern that is created in Jerusalem.

The Panoramic EZ Raider Tour

During this EZ-Rider tour you will enjoy a scenic view of the Old City of Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, the Kotel (the Western Wall) the City of David, Mount Scopus, Hebrew University, the Mount of Olives and much more…On a clear day you can even see the Judean Desert! If you love the bird’s eye view and the open sky this tour is for you!

Smart Tour has a great selection of bikes for kids and adults too. Take a two and a half hour family bike rental and cycle together along the Mesilla (Old Train Tracks) and enjoy the great tourist vibe at First Station. Riders must be 12 +.

They also offer a selection of neighborhood tours. Just choose your route and off you go!

Washington 2
(Near King David St)

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