Sukkot in Eretz Bereshit – Genesis Land

Enjoy an ancient experience at Eretz Bereshit when you are greeted by Eliezer and brought into the tent of Avraham. Be a part of the Biblical story when you ride a camel to the tent and partake in some light refreshments from the couple known for their hospitality.

Visitors are given clothes to wear from Biblical times and have a chance to meet Biblical characters (not all characters are present each day). At the end of your visit make sure to pick up your camel license. Eretz Breishit is a 20 minute drive outside of Jerusalem near Maale Adumim.

Family Package: Camel Ride, Pita Baking & Hospitality

Reserve Extra Activities:

Pita baking workshop (all ages)
Pottery making workshop (all ages)
Use clay material to make pottery or whatever makes you happy.
Mosaic Workshop (all ages)
Place colored stones in a soft material to create shapes & patterns.
Ancient Hebrew Writing (ages 8 +)
Learn the letters of Ancient Hebrew throughout the ages. Write a letter to a friend using a key showing modern and ancient letters.
Desert Ways (all ages)
Seeing and studying the daily living of our ancestors and those who live in the desert, we see and pet the sheep, see our Home Pigeons and understand their purpose in ancient times and go to the Cistern and drawn water as they did in years before.
Ancient Bricks Factory
Come and learn how the Israelites made bricks back in Egypt and what it takes to build a home from what can be found in the desert.
Dinner/Lunch In Abraham’s Tent


Genesis Land
Yishuv Alon

Eretz Bereshit - Sukkot

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