Pesach at the Biblical Museum of Natural History

Learn about the animal kingdom this Pesach and the unique connections to the land of Israel and Tanach.

Visit the Museum

Great for all ages. The new museum has seven halls in a total of 1400 square meters/14,000 square feet.

Explore the different exhibits and learn about the animals mentioned in Tanach (Bible) and animals living in the land of Israel.

The museum is the brainchild of Rabbi Slifkin. His knowledge of the animal kingdom and how it connects to stories in the Bible is unsurpassed and now he has found a way to share it with kids, teens and adults at the new Biblical Museum of Natural History.

Tours on Pesach are by reservation only for guided tours. Tours can be booked either in Hebrew or English.

The Biblical Museum of Natural History
Corner of Topaz Street and Choshen Street, Har-Tuv Bet Shemesh

Pesach Reservations - Biblical Museum of Natural History

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