Bird Tales from the Bible Lands Museum

The Bible Lands Museum has launched a new series of Bird Tales, to compliment its new exhibition “Early Birds: Soaring the Ancients”.  Let your imagination soar to distant lands and join birds and other winged-creatures from Biblical lands on their weekly adventures!

Please note all kids events are in Hebrew. 

Bird Tales

Who is the Anzu eagle? What do sirens sing? What role did the dove play in the Biblical flood story? What do storks bring? What does a rooster have to do with Jewish holidays? Who is the real king of birds? And what is a griffin?  Discover the answer to all these questions and more in their story time, featuring a variety of bird tales. The theatrical story time is guided by storyteller Rivka Shabtai. Meet a cast of colorful characters and see legends come to life through museum artifacts and drama. Every child will be given a personal booklet to take home.

Activity Pack 5 NIS (Ages 5+)

Longgalbanda and the Anzu eagle | October 20

Whilst searching for his warrior brothers, Longgalbanda stumbles across the hungry chicks of Anzu the Eagle.  He gives them food and drink and takes them back to their loving mother who is frantically looking for her lost little ones.  In return for his kindness, Anzu grants Longgalbanda magic powers!  Join us to find out what happens next in this heroic tale of fantasy and friendship.

Daedalus and Icarus | October 27

Daedalus, a greek artist, seeks to break free from the shackles of the earth and to raise it to the heavens with the help of wings.  Before taking-off, his father, Icarus, warns him not to fly too high towards the sun, or too low over the sea.  But will the two succeed? Come and find out.

Utnapishtim and the Flood | November 3

Two gods – the weather-god and the sky-god – devised a plan to destroy the world in a flood and to put an end to everything that exists. But another god, the god of wisdom, learned of the plan and revealed it to his human devotee, Utnapishtim, whom he commanded to build a boat and to bring into it two specimens of each living creature, a male and a female.

What happened to the boat and to the living creatures inside it, and which special role did birds play in all of this? Come and hear about it in our story, “Utnapishtim and the Flood.”

Two Birds to Jerusalem – a special story for the Sigd | November 10

“One night, little Tigist dreamed about a white bird – a stork – calling her to climb on its back and to take a flight to Jerusalem, the holy city.”

Did the dream of the little girl from Ethiopia come true? Come and hear about it in our story, “Two Birds to Jerusalem.”



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