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The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem holds a unique collection dating back to the beginning of written history. It tells the story of humanity, the story of culture, the story of where we came from and how we got here.

The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem presents the history of humanity through one of the most important collections of artifacts from the Ancient Near East – the Lands of the Bible – from Egypt eastwards across the Fertile Crescent to Afghanistan, and from Nubia north to the Caucasian mountains. You will learn of the Philistines and the Arameans, the Hittites and the Elamites, the Phoenicians and the Persians. The Mesopotamians, the pyramid builders and the ancient Phoenicians are no longer with us.

The museum hosts daily guided tours in English at 10:30 am, and on Wednesday an extra English tour at 5:30 pm

Current Exhibits:

Startup [Bible] Nations

Expect the unexpected: An innovative look at the highlights of the Museum’s collections. Discover some of the earliest entrepreneurial initiatives paired with modern Israeli innovations that are game changers in the world today.

Jerusalem in Babylon: New Light on Judean Exiles

This special exhibition displays the Al-Yahudu Tablets — the earliest evidence of the families that were exiled to Babylon following the destruction of the First Temple.

Roman Fresco Room

A glimpse into glorious Pompeian wall paintings. An exquisite collection of Roman frescoes from the 1st century — on display by request only.

Gods, Heroes and Mortals in Ancient Greece

The dramatic world of ancient Greek mythology is revealed in this exhibition presenting rare and exquisite masterpieces of ancient Greek pottery dating back 4,000 years.

The Classical Court

The museum’s collection features Estruscan, Greek and Roman art from the pre-classical period in the seventh century BCE through the second century CE.

Yemen: From Sheba to Jerusalem

The exhibition brings into public view, the history of the ancient kingdoms of South Arabia and presents the history of the Yemenite Jewish community from antiquity to the modern times

Kids Activities

Lost in the Museum – Saturday Family Fun

Search and recover lost heirlooms, while encountering lurking demons, challenging ancient spells, and following historical papyrus directions.

Suitable for ages 6-12.

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