Eurovision 2019 – Tips for Travelers

February 10, 2019
By: Joanna Shebson

To say that Israel is excited to host the 64th Eurovision Contest in 2019 is an under statement. Hosting the world’s largest live music event is an incredible opportunity to show off Israel as one of the world’s most impressive tourism destinations with its “Dare to Dream” theme.


This May 2019 Tel Aviv will host the International song competition and the country is expecting more than 15,000 tourists to come in specially for the event. Israel will be represented by Kobi Marimi, a 27 year old from Ramat Gan and the winner of Kochav Haba.

When Neta Barzilai won the Eurovision 2018 contest with her song “Toy,” you could hear people all over the neighborhood screaming with joy at 1:00am when the results were announced. Israel has a rich history of participating in the annual event with some of our most well known songs like “Halleluyah” & “Golden Boy”.

Plans have begun in Tel Aviv as well as other cities in the country are preparing for 100% occupancy in hotels and tourists looking to have a good time.

Here are some tips for travelers looking for spectator information about the Eurovision 2019 competition.

Important Dates:

  • Opening Ceremony – TBA
  • Dress Rehearsals – (Requires a  ticket) – Monday May 13 at 10pm, Tuesday May 14th at 4pm, Wednesday May 15 at 10pm, Thursday May 16 at 4pm
  • Semi Finals – Tuesday May 14 at 10:00pm & Thursday May 16 at 10:00pm
  • Finals – Saturday May 18 at 10:00pm

Ceremony & Contest Location: Tel Aviv Expo – International Convention Center (seating 7500)

Ticket Information: Tickets can be purchased here. Dress Rehearsals and shows happen in the Main Hall and other events in the Green Room. Tickets start at 300 NIS.

Show Hosts: Bar Rafaeli, Erez Tal, Assi Azar, Lucy Ayoub

Special Tours: Make sure to take a day or two to come to Jerusalem. The city is filled with culinary tours, art, & cultural activities. We would be happy to suggest some great activities for you.

Weather: You can expect the weather to be warm especially near the coast (Tel Aviv). It is cooler in the evenings in Jerusalem. (usually no rain in May).

Transportation: Bus with Rav Kav (Israel’s Prepaid Bus Card), Israel Railways Train to Jerusalem, Jerusalem Tourist Bus

Alternative Accommodations:

Hotel rooms will be hard to find.

We have heard that Tel Aviv has arranged for large cruise ships to dock in Tel Aviv and to set up fairgrounds as camping sites to accommodate as many tourists as possible.

The Spot Hostel – A cool new urban concept in accommodations has been created for Eurovision called Spot Hostels – free standing sleek pods converted into compact hostel/hotel rooms with shared spaces nearby for socializing and hostel services. These are being set up in the Namal (Port) Tel Aviv for Eurovision.



Eurovision Resources

Here is a list of other sites with interesting content about the Eurovision. – a great web site run by real Eurovision groupies, Micki and Gaby Pell. Follow the different Israeli contenders as they compete on Kochav Haba. Gaby offers reviews and background information about the different performers and the contest itself. Also visit their facebook group at “Countdown to Eurovision 2019”– It’s in English!!

Kochav Haba – the official tv show where Israeli talent contends to be the next Israeli representative to Eurovision. The site is in Hebrew.

Official Eurovision Website – find out more about the contestants coming to Eurovision to represent their countries. Hear their songs and more on the official Eurovision website.


Filming the Postcards segment of the show – this year’s theme will be Dancing Israel. Each of the 41 international delegations will arrive in Israel in advance to film their Postcard in different locations across Israel. They will dance through the beautiful and historic landscapes of the State of Israel.

The following dancers will be featured in the Postcards: Stephane Legar, Anna Aronov, Dana Frieder, Or Kahlon, Idan Sharabi, The Batsheva Dance Company, Rona-Lee Shimon, the Israeli Ballet and the Synchronised Swimming team.

If you are still looking for a hotel room anywhere in the country contact our travel specialist.


Tourism – Fun In Jerusalem

We know you will have fun in Tel Aviv but there is so much more to do in Jerusalem. Here are some of our favorite Israel inspired activities for Eurovision visitors..

Places in Jerusalem to watch the Eurovision:

First Station is always our first choice. It’s an outdoor mall and usually the local hangout for watching events like this.

Tourism In Tel Aviv


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