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Want to hear about the coolest new attraction a short ride from Jerusalem? Something to add to your bucket list?  Noam Bedein from the Dead Sea Revival Project tells us about the new boat excursions on the Dead Sea featuring the natural beauty of the salt formations.

Learn about his work as a photojournalist & an environmentalist. Originally recorded for BITE SIZE with Yoni Pollak on the Nachum Segal Network.

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The Dead Sea is the lowest place on Earth and now, thanks to the Dead Sea Revival Project, you can explore it by boat. We spoke to the founder Noam Bedein after following his stunning pictures of the Dead Sea’s salt formations on Facebook and Instagram.

The “Dead Sea Revival Project” aims to build up educational and advocacy tools to show Israel’s wonder of the world – like it has never been seen before.

One of their main projects is the Dead Sea Boat Excursion – in which delegations are taken onto boats into the Dead Sea to explore the waters and salts, some of them having only been uncovered in recent weeks/months.

Noam told us that 5 months after his first boat excursion he was shocked to see how dramatically things changed from one visit to the next – and so he began to document the changes and share them with people all over the world. Sharing the environmental drama and also the beauty and magic of this world wonder!

The Dead Sea is the source of some major environmental developments that effect the entire world – desalination & mineral mining for the agricultural community. The Dead Sea Revival Project educates communities across the world about the environmental issues of the Dead Sea.


About the Boat Excursion

  • It’s for ages 4+ – a great activity to do with grandparents!
  • Up to 12 people are allowed on a boat at a time. Double kayaks can be used for larger groups.
  • This is the only boat that is allowed to do excursions in the Dead Sea. Therefore, going on these boat excursions is the only way for a person to be able to explore the lowest place on Earth! These tours should be on every person’s BUCKET LIST
  • Because every time you go you’ll sees dramatic changes, this is a PERFECT activity even for someone who has been to the Dead Sea before!
  • On the tour, Noam shows people a most fascinating 2 year time lapse of all the changes that have happened. He helps you understand that over 600 olympic size pools worth of water – are emptied/dried out every day from the Dead Sea. It is especially fascinating to see the receding water/beach lines!

About Noam Bedein

  • Noam is a photo journalist and international speaker.
  • He worked for many years as a war photographer at the Gaza border.
  • He also runs the Sderot media center and has been documenting rockets and the human drama endured in Sderot.
  • Noam has been recognized by National Geographic and CNNVR.
  • Noam shares his documentation of the Dead Sea and tell his story all over the world at conferences and college campuses. He is also available for speaking engagements at in Jerusalem and the Dead Sea hotels.
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