Smart Tour Bike Rentals at First Station

Looking for a fun day to spend with the kids? Rent a selection of fun family bikes at First Station or take a Bike Tour of the neighborhood with Smart Tour.

Bike Tours & Rentals

  • Classic Tour (ages 12+) – From First Station to the Old City with some stops along the way.
  • Sunrise Tour (ages 12+) – Enjoy the quiet streets as Jerusalem wakes up in the morning.
  • Jerusalem Night Life (ages 12+) – bike through the incredible night life scene in Jerusalem.

Bike tours are typically 2.5 hours long and not for pregnant women

  • Family Bike Rentals – Smart Tour has a great selection of bikes for kids and adults. Take the bikes along the Mesilla (Old Train Tracks) and enjoy the great tourist vibe at First Station.

Rent a Bike

Located at select hotels throughout Jerusalem. You join the app and then rent the bikes by the hour. A great way to get around the city.

Available at Abraham Hostel, Orient, Yearim, Gordonia, YMCA, Ibis, Cinema Hostel.

Smart Tour - First Station

Smart Tour Bike Reservations

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