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10 Apps For Families Traveling in Israel

August 16, 2016
By: Joanna Shebson

These days it’s hard to remember how we once managed without our smartphones. Israel, aka “The Start-Up Nation”, loves its apps. In fact many of the apps you love and use, were developed in Israel. Enjoy them when you are here in 4G. So as you make your Jerusalem travel plans, be sure to load your...

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Reveal Israel Card Games – Bring Israel Home With You

August 9, 2016
By: Joanna Shebson

Looking for a great game to prepare for your family trip to Israel or to remember the amazing attractions you saw? Buy the Reveal Israel Card Game and bring the fun home with you! Reveal Israel is the world’s first 3 games in 1 deck, Israel focused card game. Great for the whole family, each deck is...

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Slap on a sticker that fights hunger this Purim

March 7, 2016
By: Joanna Shebson

Purim is coming! Pantry Packers & Fun In Jerusalem have a NEW idea for you. If your kids are like mine then they love to give mishloach manot to their friends. They spend time thinking of how to wrap it and what to buy. A donation card just isn’t enough. You may even enjoy creating your own mishloach...

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The New Kids Prayer & Storybook at the Kotel

February 11, 2016
By: Joanna Shebson

I had the pleasure of attending a unique book launch event in the Old City of Jerusalem. It was a celebration of a much anticipated children’s prayer and story book published by the Western Wall Heritage Foundation. The innovative “Teach It To Your Children” project was spearheaded and funded by Martin and Melanie Glatt, recent...

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The 100 Calorie Sufgania Recipe from the Jerusalem Inbal Hotel

December 14, 2015
By: Joanna Shebson

Jerusalem’s family favorite Inbal Hotel is excited to share their new 100 calorie sufgania recipe with you. The recipe created by Head Pastry Chef Doron keeps the calorie count low by baking the sufganiyot and using sugarless jam for the filling. Make them at home or come into the hotel’s Sofia Restaurant to taste the...

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Birthday Parties in Jerusalem

January 23, 2015
By: Joanna Shebson

Are you planning a birthday party for your son or daughter? Can’t decide what to do? Where to have it? Look no further! You can get great ideas from the Fun in Jerusalem Birthday Party Guide. We have divided the ideas based on age since that’s the most popular request we hear. These ideas will surely...

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Finding the Right Souvenir

January 18, 2015
By: Joanna Shebson

The best way to end a successful family vacation is to buy the right souvenirs to remind you of your trip. It’s also a great way to bring a piece of your trip home with you to share with friends and family. We have some great suggestions for you that have all been designed in...

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From the New City of Jerusalem to the Old City in Comfort

September 12, 2014
By: Joanna Shebson

Jerusalem’s Old City remains a major tourist attraction and an important location for celebrating Bar/Bat Mitzvas. Recently it has become quite complicated to get into the Old City. Jaffa gate is closed to private cars, large buses can not fit through the small streets etc so the city has come up with a great new...

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Mom & Pop Toy Shop

January 27, 2014
By: Joanna Shebson

Jerusalem is a modern city with beautiful malls, chain stores and discount shopping experiences. So it is rare to find a classic “mom and pop” toy store that is thriving and serving its’ customers in its’ own special way. Baazar Moriah, is a local Katamon toy store located on Palmach st (at the intersection with...

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Hanukkah Toy Gift Ideas 2012

November 23, 2012
By: Joanna Shebson

Are you looking for the perfect gift to buy your kids this Hanukkah? Do you walk into the large toy stores and feel overwhelmed and wonder if there are still any “mom & pop” shops around Jerusalem? We are here to tell you that there are. Esther, who runs Bazaar Moriah on Palmach Street in...

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