Ammunition Hill


Givat Hatachmoshet “Ammunition Hill”  is a historic site in Israeli history because of the battles that took place there during the War of Independence and the 6 Day War. The hill is more than just a memorial to the soldiers that fell there. The hill tells stories of bravery, heritage & leadership and today hosts many fun activities that bring out the hero in “you”.

There is a 360 degree view of Jerusalem from the top of the hill and that is why it was such an important location to conquer. Today the hilltop is open as a museum with bunkers, old tanks, 3D model of Jerusalem on the eve of the 6 Day War (small fee), and an indoor museum with a short movie (22 minutes). The tour and the movie can be arranged in English if it is booked in advance.

The Museum of the Battle of Jerusalem in 1967
A journey to Jerusalem during the Six-Day War in the first museum in Israel showing the contribution of all the units that took part in the battle for the city. Personal and national stories presented in a variety of means of illustration, creating a fascinating historical and human fabric.

Audio tour – includes audio kits, including an entrance to the commemoration hall in memory of the 182 fallen soldiers of the Jerusalem campaign.
Price: Adult – 25 NIS | Child – 22 NIS |
Advance reservation needed

Guided Tour – Advance reservation needed. At additional Cost.

Battle for Ammunition Hill
Guided tour – See the bunkers and the original battle trenches of the Six-Day War, including an audiovisual show. Tour the NEW armored car of the secrets of the “King’s Boys” that ascended Mount Scopus, the jeep of the Mountain Guards, the Half-Track Vehicle of Motta Gur and the unique monument of the fallen of the 66th Battalion.
Price: Adult – 35 NIS | Child 30 NIS |
Advance reservation needed

The City Taken Together
100 photos of Jerusalem from the spectacular photography exhibition JerusaLENS
Exhibit Times: Friday, 9:00am – 12:00pm
Price: Adult – 15 NIS | Child 12 NIS (if ordered in advance)
Advance reservation needed

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The museum can arrange special interactive activities for families and groups with advanced reservations including:

  • Laser Tag
  • Capture the Flag
  • Challenging Ropes Course
  • Interactive Tours
  • Children can dress up as paratroopers and run through the bunkers at Ammunition Hill
  • Night Time Lantern Tour of the Hill where you get to see what the soldiers felt as they protected the Hill by candlelight.

NEW!! From July 1, 2018
English Tours of the New Museum + Battle field + Commemoration Hall

Tour Times
Monday & Thursday at 12:00pm
Friday at 10:00am

35 NIS per person
30 NIS for Kids*, veterans, Students

Age: 13+
Tour Duration: 90 minutes

Tour includes English speaker tour guide & personal earphones matching the English version of the numerous displays, personal testimonial, movies & animation Clips all over the museum.

Must be booked in advance!

Book at Tour

Ammunition Hill is a closed historic site surrounded by a gate and can be rented out for special events. The site includes an outdoor amphitheater, indoor auditorium, library, large grassy areas, ropes course and the famous bunkers. The space can be rented on Shabbat for events as well. The site hosted a large “tish” this year and a Bar Mitzva on Shabbat.  Let us know what your event is and we can customize a program or an event space for you. All Bar/Bat Mitzva events include a tour of the site and a screening of the movie.

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FIJ Tips

Ammunition Hill was the first Fun In Jerusalem Blog Post. The visit to Ammunition Hill inspired me to write about how to make Jerusalem tourist attractions exciting for kids. The museum and the bunkers can be enjoyed by kids of all ages on different levels.


Sunday-Thursday: 9:00am-5:00pm
Friday: 9:00am-1:00pm
Saturday: CLOSED


Entrance to the memorial is free
Guided tours and the 3d model are an additional fee
Email for Laser Tag & Ropes Course prices


Whole Family


English / Hebrew


Snack Bar

Venue: Ammunition Hill

Address: 5 Shlomo Zalman Shragai
Jerusalem, Israel
Neighborhood: Ramat Eshkol
Transportation: Light Rail "Ammunition Hill" stop, 22,25,34, 45,59,65,66,68
Parking: Free Street Parking & Parking Lot
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