Yom Haatzmaut Events in Jerusalem

Yom Haatzmaut celebrates Israel’s independence since 1948. The country is loaded with festivals, performances and street parties, which happen all night.

Perhaps the most awaited event of the year is the IDF Flyover Airshow, with a schedule that is released in advance. Many communities gather together to watch the airshow pass by, and send a prayer to the brave soldiers of the IDF.

Many community centers and municipalities host a BBQ, followed by a performance and fireworks.

The Kotel is very festive, with a pilgrimage of visitors from around Israel, thanking, praying and singing for continued freedom and peace.

The annual Yom Haatzmaut Prayer Event invites secular, religious and lovers of Israel to a festive evening full of lights, prayers and song.

We will keep this post updated with exciting events as we get closer to the holiday.

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