The Museum of the Underground Prisoners – Jerusalem

The museum of the underground prisoners in Jerusalem resides in the “Russian Women Pilgrim Hostel” that was built in the sixties of the 19th century, as part of the Russian Compound. During the reign of the British mandate over Eretz Israel (1917-1948), the hostel was transformed into a central prison where hundreds of the underground fighters – the “Hagana”, “Etzel” and “Lehi” were imprisoned.

The prison had been reconstructed by the Ministry of Defense that established there a museum which describes through the narrative of the underground prisoners the struggle for the establishment of the State of Israel.

General Tour

  • Visit to the restored prison cells including: Escape Room, Synagogue cell, the solitary cells and the gallows.
  • Watch the Film “The Central Jail of Jerusalem”.
  • Hear about the prisoner’s individual stories, including the story of Rabbi Aryeh Levin – the “Father of the Prisoners”; the tragic love story of Jonnie (Gideon) Pellee and Berakhah Fold, the legend of valor and sacrifice of Moshe Barazani and Meir Feinstein.
  • Self-guided tour: The museum offers English speakers a quick explanation in English, then a movie in English and a self-guided tour with a head set in English.

Children Friendly Options

  • The museum offers a self-guided scavenger hunt around the museum, also available in English, which will keep kids of all ages interested. The game includes: sticking a proclamation, hiding a weapon in a slick (hiding place for weapons), secret underground activities and more.
  • In addition, during holidays, the museum offers theatrical tours and workshops for kids.


Museum of the Underground Prisoner
Russian Compound, Jerusalem

Reservations - Museum of Underground Prisoners

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