The Virtual Reality Bible Experience in the Cardo


**This activity has closed in the Cardo but is available for private parties and corporate events**

Bringing the Bible closer to you and your family & making it enjoyable through interactive games.

Tanach (the Bible) comes alive with state of the art technology games using Virtual Reality at The Bible Experience.

You will meet virtual heroes of the Bible in Jerusalem including – Joseph, David, and Nehemiah. You will be placed in complicated situations and have to solve missions in order to move on to the next biblical situation.

Escape Game –

Step behind the virtual reality goggles and into a virtual escape room with Biblical characters. Each game involves solving clues and fulfilling missions with the help of your teammates. One person wears the virtual reality goggles and the rest of the group helps him with clues and instructions to solve his mission. There are three escape games that revolve around the stories of…

  • Joseph & the Pit
  • David & Goliath
  • Nehemiah Building the Temple

Up to 5 people per game – English & Hebrew – Game lasts 7 minutes.



A digital version of a traditional board game where you answer multiple choice trivia questions and you get to move forward on the board if you get the correct answer. Questions are about stories in Tanach (the Bible) and they vary in difficulty level. This game is on a tablet with a large “board” on a screen above & it is available in Hebrew & English. The questions are different for each language. GOT STUCK – don’t worry there is a Tanach sitting on the counter next to you.

6 screens – up to 10 players

Time Travel

Using Virtual Reality goggles you will enter a virtual roller coaster taking you into different time periods in Tanach. Using your head motion you will follow missions and answer questions to get to the next story. The game includes some “Simon Says”type questions as well as trivia. This game takes place sitting down at the entrance to the room.

Up to 10 players – English & Hebrew

Navigational Game in the Old City

Using tablets explore the alleyways of the Old City and complete missions. This game is only available in Hebrew at the moment and can be played with large groups. The game includes a bag of clues that you take with you.

Hebrew (English version is expected in May)

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Bring The Games to You

The Bible Experience runs special private events and can bring all of the games above and more to your location, whether its a school, hotel or a party. Trivia games with remotes, VR games – games can also be customized for your special event. Minimum fees apply.



Private Groups can arrange times after hours and on Fridays


Reserve the Bible Experience for a private group –
starting at 1850 NIS for 1.5 hrs


Whole Family


English / Hebrew

Venue: The Bible Experience

Address: HaCardo
Jerusalem, Israel
Neighborhood: Jewish Quarter, Old City