Aliyah Relocation Services

Are you moving to Israel and looking for someone to help you set up your apartment in advance? Tamarim Concierge can take care of unpacking your lift, setting up your cable, phone and internet – all before you even arrive.

It’s called a smooth landing.

Tamarim can also purchase household goods for you locally and fill your fridge.

In the time of Corona this comes in extra handy when she can set up your apartment for quarantine as well.

Run by a local mom, Tamar Pearlman from the UK, she understand your needs and will set you up for a great aliyah experience.

Baby Pack Essentials

Don’t overpack! Tamarim Concierge can also deliver a special Baby Pack – all your diapers, wipes and baby supplies. Arrive in Israel and feel like you are at home from the start.

Bathing Diaper Products, Shampoo, Bath wash/soap, Flannel/wash cloth, Sponge, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Non-Slip bath mat Nappies/diapers (pampers, huggies), Wipes (pampers, huggies), Disposable change mat, Barrier cream, Cotton wool, Swim nappies/diapers (huggies), Feeding Necessities.

Other Services offered by Tamarim

  • Gift Baskets, Corporate Gifts, Mishloach Manot & presents in Israel
  • Have a child who is here for the year? Order them a dorm pack with all the supplies they need including sheets, towels and even a hairdryer!
  • Concierge services for your trip to Israel

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