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What makes Jerusalem unique? Why have more wars been fought over Jerusalem than any other city? Why do Jewish people turn towards Jerusalem when praying?

Machon Hamikdash offers a rare opportunity to connect Jerusalem’s fame and mystic to the Beit Hamikdash. The visit includes an exhibit of vessels including the Showbread Table, Golden Candelabra, Golden Altar and The High Priest’s garments. Understand the significance of The Temple Mount and see a marble model of the Second Temple.

Entrance fee includes an audio explanation, heard by all the participants together (not headsets) and guides the visitors though the 3 exhibit halls with a film at the end. The length of the audio tour is about 50 minutes.

*To ensure your visit it is best to place a reservation (i.e. for a specific date and time and to pre-pay for the tickets.).

Temple Institute
Misgav Ladach St 40, Jerusalem

Reservations - Temple Institute Tours

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