Shmitta Tours in Shilo

New!  Amazing Shmitta tours in Shilo

There are a choice of hands-on tours, perfect for families and groups.

Private Tour

You are invited to meet Ira Rappaport and his family, who planted the first vineyard in Samaria over 30 years ago.  Join them for a fascinating conversation about the challenges of keeping Shmitta and a tour their fields.  The tour includes free berry picking!

Ira will share:

  • How farming is different during Shmitta
  • What it really means to keep Shmitta “Otzer Bet Din”
  • Stories of the providence that he has witnessed keeping Shmitta

Family Activities

Throughout August and over Chol Hamo’ed Sukkot, you can combine a Shmitta tour with other family-friendly activities:

  • From the harvest to the bottle – prepare your own grape juice to take home
  • Bouncy castle (with water – optional)
  • Archery
  • Tractor and buggy rides (additional charge)

Other nearby attractions include:

  • The orchard and picnic benches next to the site
  • Ancient Shiloh;
  • The springs of Shiloh Creek;
  • Shiloh ATVs
  • The Gvaot Winery, and more…
Bikurei Shilo

Reservations - Shmitta Tour Shilo

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