Shmitta Tours in Shilo

New!  Amazing Shmitta tours in Shilo

There are a choice of hands-on tours, perfect for schools, yeshivot, seminaries, and adults alike.

  • Conversations with farmers: stories of agriculture, shmitta and site visits to the fields
  • Pick blackberries, blueberries and olives (in season)
  • Art workshops – using palm leaves and olive branches
  • Outdoor Activities – learn the halachot of shmitta at our farm
  • Make your own tea using locally grown plants
  • Make your own pitot!
  • Archery shows
  • Walking tour through the Shilo River
  • Herb Workshops – learn more about the properties of local herbs
  • Tractor & Carriage Tours

Other nearby attractions include:

  • The orchard and picnic benches next to the site
  • Ancient Shiloh;
  • The springs of Shiloh Creek;
  • Shiloh ATVs
  • The Gvaot Winery, and more…
Bikurei Shilo

Reservations - Shmitta Tour Shilo

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