Robby Berman – Tour Guide

Robby Berman is a tour guide, journalist and stand-up comedian who loves teaching and guiding. He has a special affinity for children and makes sure that they stay engaged and entertained throughout the tour.

He lived in Jerusalem for more than 30 years and knows areas and sites in Jerusalem that even most Jerusalemites don’t know.

He guides all over the country with an expertise in the Old City of Jerusalem (all the quarters), the Mount of Olives, the Israel Museum, the Old City of Tel Aviv, the Old City of Jaffa and the American colony in Jaffa.

You can hire him for half day (4 hour tours) or full day tours (8 hours).

He is graduate of Yeshiva University (BA), Baruch College (MBA) and Harvard University (MPA).

Reservations - Tours with Robby Berman

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