Rave Mosaic Workshops

Roochie Sinai, a Glass Mosaic Artist in Jerusalem invites you to come into her studio and experience an exciting creative workshop filled with color.

Glass Mosaic Art is made with a technique of taking broken glass and creating beautiful pieces of artwork. Roochie guides her guests into creating their own unique pieces and provides tools, Italian glass and wood substrate.

Some pieces can be made in one session and others require multiple sessions.

Family / Friends Workshops

Do you have a special birthday coming up?  Are you looking for a fun, creative activity to do with family or friends?  Or perhaps you’re searching for a special workshop for yourself and some office colleagues?

Rave Mosaics offers small, intimate workshops, for between 5-9 people, designed to channel your inner artist!  Each person works on their own project, which they take home at the end of the five-hour session.

Advanced reservations are required.  There is one booking a day, including most Fridays, and evening sessions are available a couple of times a week.  Special workshops are held over the holidays but book well in advance as these sell out really fast!

Weekly Classes

Rave Mosaics offers weekly classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  With a one-time option or a pay-as-you-come weekly classes, the schedule is flexible and all about you!

Date Nights

The intimate nature of Rave Mosaics workshop is the perfect setting for a romantic date-night.  Couples can sign up to join existing workshops and spend a magical two-and-a-half hours creating something unique and meaningful together.

Contact Roochie to check availability.

The Rave Studio operates under the Corona “Green Pass” system.

Rave Mosaics on Etsy

Visit the Rave Mosaic store on Etsy and you will find some unique gift ideas which can be delivered across the country and internationally.

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