Pesach in Jerusalem

It is such an amazing feeling to see the Pesach reservation requests coming in fast and furious. We are excited that the skies have opened and that Jerusalem is still the #1 destination for thousands of families planning their vacations!

This Pesach all of us appreciate the true meaning of freedom that bit more.  And there is so much to look forward to.

Our FUN Favorite activities are back!

We are excited to tell you that Mandy and Jeremy from The Workshop Gush Etzion have reopened their famous wood workshop and they have a variety of exciting family Pesach projects for you to choose from.

Mazal Tov to  “The Museum Guy” ,Nachliel Selavan, known for his interactive family tours of Jerusalem’s best museums. Nachliel recently got married! This Pesach, he’s back guiding public and private tours of some of the best-loved exhibitions connected to our Exodus from Egypt in the Israel Museum and the Bible Lands Museum, with his own unique and engaging style.

Dig For A Day one of our most popular activities, has reopened after being closed during Corona. You can give your children the chance to become an archeologist for the day. Climb down into an actual cave and begin digging and sifting as you learn about the history of the region.

Some of our favorite activities to recommend to families visiting Israel, are those that connect you to the Land of Israel & its history in an interactive way.

Have you ever imagined yourself stepping back in time to become a shepherd? You and your family can do just that on a Shepherding 101 experience in the Adumim area with Tour Adumim.

Or, if you’d like to connect with the fruit of the land, check out the Shmitta activities at the Pesach Farm Fest this year at Bikurei Shilo.

The holidays are a great time to experience & take part in the local art scene.

We work with some of the most creative artists in Jerusalem and help them create interactive workshops where families can experience their art hands on.

This Pesach Yael Vloch known for her incredible glass blowing workshops will be hosting a special interactive workshop to design a glass Kiddush cup for Eliyahu HaNavi. With the proper safety precautions, learn flame working and glass blowing techniques in her new studio at the House of Quality.

Prefer the art of chocolate making? We have two different options for you. Experience the Galita Workshop at Kibbutz Tzuba which is Kosher for Pesach without Kitniyot and offers different chocolate projects for all ages. If you love wine then make sure to also arrange a tour and tasting at the Tzuba Winery next door.

If you don’t have an issue with kitniyot and prefer a gourmet praline experience then check out the Yaara Cacao Workshops that take place in her Talpiot studio.

If you’re looking for the perfect afikoman present, for yourself or a loved one, reserve a visit to the Yvel Jewelry Factory and Visitors Center to your schedule.  Learn about jewelry making with pearls & precious stones, visit the new Ethiopian Craft Village and send some time in the factory store, where you can purchase a unique quality piece of jewelry made by the artists of the Megemaria Program.

Best Bites

Looking for information about restaurants? Visit Debbest Israel’s Pesach Restaurant Post where Debbie lists some of her favorite restaurants across the country with kashrut information.

Are you looking for our Fun In Jerusalem Pesach Family Guide? 

Although we won’t have a printed magazine this year – you can find all the great information you are used to on our calendar and in our listing of Things to Do.

Message from Fun In Jerusalem 

We’re really excited to welcome tourists back to Jerusalem for the first time in two years!  Bear in mind that the tourist industry is still emerging from Corona and we are just getting back on our feet.  Please be patient and adjust your expectations. Hotels, restaurants and attractions have only recently begun to ramp up and many of them are still dealing with staff shortages. Many of the smaller activity vendors found other jobs to support themselves during Corona and are only now coming back to tourism. There will be some hick-ups along the way – take them in good humor!

Also, you’ll notice that most of Jerusalem is under construction.  The municipality is investing is some serious building projects to modernize our ancient capital city and improve our infrastructure.  For now, that means more traffic, congestion and delays.  We suggest you download the Moovit App to help you map out your journeys. Plan ahead and leave more time than usual to get to places.

Welcome home.  Enjoy your stay and keep an open mind and an open heart. And remember, we all want you to have some Fun In Jerusalem this Pesach.

Photo Credit: Avigayle Adler Open Studio

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