Hebrew Music Museum


The new Hebrew Music Museum is located in Kikar Hamusica, “music square” and is a real gem. The museum displays musical instruments from across the world and allows visitors to enjoy hearing their sounds and learning about the instruments history.

Saba Levy will “virtually” take you around the museum and introduce you to the different musical culture behind Jewish Music.

Visitors have a choice of a guided tour or a self guided tour with a tablet. The museum is absolutely beautiful. Each room is decorated according to the style of the culture it represents.

A highlight of the museum, especially for kids is the Virtual Reality that takes you into the Temple (Beit Hamikdash) to hear the sounds of the Leviim and their music.

Reservations are required in advance for guided tours which can be given in English, Hebrew, Russian, and French.

Plan to stay for lunch or dinner and receive 10% all the restaurants in the Kikar. Coupon available at the museum box office. 

Host a Party in Kikar Hamusica
The outdoor square next to the museum known as Kikar Musica has a stage and seating in the courtyard. Choose from one of 6 different restaurants, Picollino, Kinor BaKikar, Gourmadise, Blue Hall, Andalucia and Nachman. Request more info

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FIJ Tips

I recommend taking a guided tour for your family. The tablets can be hard to hold and a guide will keep the attention of young kids.


50 NIS Adult
40 NIS Child

150 NIS for a guide


Whole Family


English / Hebrew

Venue: Kikar HaMusica

Address: Ma'avar Beit HaKnesset
Jerusalem, Israel
Neighborhood: Nachalat Shiva (Center of Town)
Parking: Paid parking lots on Hillel