Lone Soldier Center


The Lone Soldier Center provides support for soldiers who have come to Israel on their own without their families. The center was set up in memory of Michael Levin, a lone soldier killed in battle.

A lone soldier may be a new immigrant, a volunteer from abroad, an orphan or an individual from a broken home. There are over 5700 lone soldiers in Israel. There are many ways for people to volunteer, all depending on your interests and skill set.

Bar & Bat Mitzva Projects & Volunteer Opportunities

  • Sponsor a BBQ for soldiers
  • Cook lone soldiers a shabbat meal
  • Create your own creative fundraising campaign (we can help you set it up)
  • Office projects – ranging from data input, sending out thank you letters to copywriting or even graphic design.

Are you a tourist looking to help the Lone Soldier Center? You can…

  • Sponsor and attend a BBQ or pizza party with lone soldiers for small groups up to 10 people on Friday mornings
  • Bake or cook for lone soldiers
  • Collect items to give out to lone soldiers. Contact us to find out what they need.
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Venue: Jerusalem Lone Soldier Center

Address: Yafo 51
Jerusalem, Israel