The Michael Levin Base

The Michael Levin Base provides programs and services to lone soldiers and lone b’not sheirut. By providing everything from one on one mental health counseling to Shabbat and Holiday meals the Base has created a real community for lone soldiers and lone b’not sheirut.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Visit The Base while in and around the shuk.
  • Cook/bake for lone soldiers/lone bnot
  • Celebrate holidays with Lone Soldiers and not Sherut ex. delivering mishloach manot
  • Sponsor an event/incorporate a bat mitzvah with bnot sheirut or bar mitzvah with soldiers.
  • Hafrashat challah with the soldiers or Bnot Sherut.

The Michael Levin Lone Soldier Foundation

The Michael Levin Lone Soldier Foundation is named for fallen Lone Soldier Michael Levin. In 2002 Michael left his home near Philadelphia to immigrate to Israel and join the IDF. Four years later, while home on leave, the Second Lebanon war erupted. Dedicated to protecting his homeland, Michael cut his leave short and returned to his unit. He fell in battle on August 1, 2006. Michael was 22 years old.

Because of the unique hardships Michael faced as a lone soldier, his dream was to create programs and services devoted to serving lone soldiers. Our Foundation’s mission is to fulfill that dream by providing funding for vital and compelling programs and services in Israel as diverse as providing meals to mental health counseling, all to meet the needs of lone soldiers, as well as lone b’not sheirut (women who do national service in hospitals, schools and agencies for children with special needs) before, during and after their service.

Hadekel 10, Jerusalem

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