What to Expect at the Jerusalem Light Festival 2018?

My favorite Jerusalem festival is back this summer as the streets of the Old City are lit up with Light Displays and Exhibits.

The theme of this year’s festival is ‘togetherness’ and brings together artists of various fields, connecting people to light art and encouraging audience participation in the festival.

It’s hard to believe but this is the 10th annual Light Festival from June 27 – July 5th.

Choose from one of the 4 routes that take you through the Old City alleyways as you enjoy dozens of stunning and interactive light installations. Be entertained by musicians and performers along the way- a unique light experience in Israel.

What to expect?

Over 35 spectacular light installations by Israeli and international artists.


  • The audience will be invited to use a paintbrush or their fingers to draw and write in a graffiti exhibit of light and color displayed on a special LED screen which lights up in response.
  • The audience will be invited to stroll through a forest reminiscent of the film ‘Avatar’ and change the colors of the branches through touch.
  • Over 700 wind-operated light weather vanes
  • 40 lit wire figures from different eras
  • A spectacular audiovisual display on the Hurva Synagogue (this is always a highlight of the show and a great selfie spot)
  • A giant swarm of lit butterflies symbolizing happiness, color and freedom
  • A forest of lights composed of 1900 lit branches and colorful tree statues
  • A 10-meter light and water graffiti wall
  • A giant interactive light-magnet umbrella
  • A light box display featuring historic footage from Israel’s early years

Pictures are for illustration only. This year’s pictures will be posted as soon as the festival begins. 

Light displays are produced by artists from Israel and abroad. This year the festival will feature Bezalel students in the ‘Light Festival’ course at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, chaired by Sefi Hefetz.

The festival is run by the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage, the Jerusalem Municipality and
the Jerusalem Development Authority, with Management and production by Ariel Municipal Company.

The Light Festival in Jerusalem takes place from 8pm -11pm Sun- Thursday | Saturday night until 12:00am.

We will post the beautiful pictures of opening night as soon as we have them. If you take pictures make sure to tag @funinjerusalem

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