Herzl Museum Interactive Tour

The Herzl Museum is a great place to start a trip to Israel. The museum gives kids, teens and adults the background to the founding of the State. Some of our favorite family tours include:

Museum Tour (8+)

At the Herzl Museum you will learn about the life of Binyamin Ze’ev Herzl and his vision of Zionism. The museum has a spectacular audio-visual encounter with the visionary of the Jewish State, and offers a thought-provoking, hour-long portrait regarding the status of the Jews according to Herzl.

Interactive Display (10+)

The Interactive Display includes a smart-board, which allows each visitor to contemplate current Israeli affairs in the Zionism, aliyah and religion aspects.

Dramatic Tour on Har Herzl

Take a walk through Mt. Herzl as you meet actors dressed as personalities form Israel’s history. Learn the stories behind the names and the history. Although the tour takes place at the cemetery, it is done in a very respectful manner, and brings the stories and the people to life. The tour can be arranged in Hebrew or English and lasts about 1.5 hours.

“I highly recommend this tour as a great way for kids to understand the history of the formation of the State. How was the flag designed? Who were the fighters buried on Har Herzl? Why was this the location chosen as the burial place of Theodore Herzl and when was he buried here? The show is done with humor, respect and a real example of edutainment”

Herzl Museum
Herzl Blvd, Jerusalem

Reservations - Herzl Museum Interactive Tour

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