HAVERUT was established by Rachel Ettun, a family therapist specializing in work with families coping with chronic illness, loss and bereavement. Rachel herself lost a child, Ruth, to Cystic Fibrosis. HAVERUT, created and operating in her memory, includes in its title both the Hebrew version of Ruth’s name and the word for Friendship and Partnership.

In HAVERUT, Rachel has consolidated a holistic therapeutic approach which brings together patient, family and medical staff in the healing process, facilitating a meaningful encounter between them and providing spiritual and creative tools to support all the participants within the healing process. This approach deepens the understanding of the patient and the professional staff around him that we all are human beings, worthy of respect, support and empowerment. HAVERUT helps patients and their families cope with this difficult period by channeling both creative and spiritual forces which reside within every person.

• Strengthen the medical center as a space for healing the soul and body
• Forge connections between the medical center and surrounding communities (art institutions and various congregations).
• Spiritually empower and support patients and their families.
• Provide the professional staff and those in training with spiritual and creative tools for their own well-being and the enhancement of their work.

Musical Kabbalat Shabbat events at local hospitals


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Venue: Amuta Haverut

Address: Jerusalem, Israel
Neighborhood: Jerusalem Hospitals