Train Theater Hanukkah Puppet Festival

The Train Theater is happy to announce they will be hosting a special mini Hanukkah Puppet Festival for families in their new location within Gan Hapaamon, near the skate park.

See some of the Train Theater’s favorite shows with two daily performances for different ages, a creative workshop, free outdoor events, theatrical walking tours, clown shows and enjoy donuts with some of your favorite Hanukkah songs.

Free outdoor events will be held every day from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. – in the Train Theater plaza – with outdoor characters, music, a music box, clown shows and more.

Puppet Theater Performance Schedule –

Tuesday November 30

10:00am “Tiny Ocean” – Ages 3-8 – 45 NIS
11:30am “The Chelem Legend , Fool Moon” – Ages 4-9

Wednesday December 1

10:00am “Be Healthy Morris McGee” – Ages 3-8
11:30am “Rain Bird” – Ages 4-9
12:30pm “The Journey to the Bell Kingdom” – A Theatrical Tour – Ages 6-10

Thursday December 2

10:00am “The Crown That Got Lost” – Ages 3-6
11:30am “Saba Aron’s Rain” – Ages 4-9

Saturday December 4

10:00am “Private Collection” – Ages 4-7
11:30am “My Sister – Oldest of Them All” – Ages 4-9
12:30pm “Where is Mrs Gabbai?” Theatrical Tour in Yemin Moshe- Whole Family

Sunday December 5

10:00am  – “Mother Goose” – Ages 3-8
11:30am – “The Singing City” – Ages 4-8

Monday December 6

10:00am  – “Mustache Cat” – Ages 3-7
11:30am – “Point of Light” – Ages 6-12

Theatrical Tours

Where is Mrs Gabbai?

Walk through the streets of Jerusalem as you follow costumed actors & musicians. The tour takes place in Yemin Moshe. 1.5 hrs in Hebrew

The Journey to the Bell Kingdom

The Bell Kingdom was a peaceful kingdom until one day the cruel tyrant, Hieronymus, took over the kingdom and took away all the rights of the inhabitants of the kingdom (and even kidnapped Queen Jola!)

A theatrical acting tour, which combines visuals, sound recordings and field play accompanied by guides. Ages 6-10, 45 min.

Train Theater Hanukka FestivalTrain Theater Hanukka FestivalTrain Theater Hanukka FestivalTrain Theater
Train Theater
Located in Liberty Bell Park
Keren HaYesod St, Jerusalem

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