Train Theater Hanukka Puppet Festival

The Train Theater is happy to announce they will be hosting a special Hanukkah Puppet Festival for families. See some of the Train Theater’s favorite shows and enjoy interactive workshops. The shows will take place either over zoom or live in the streets of Jerusalem and there are even special lectures for adults.

Online Performance Schedule –

Instructions – for the following events please make sure to watch the shows in advance so that you can enjoy the LIVE zoom meetings and workshops. Show links will be sent to you once you make a reservation.

List of supplies for the workshop are available on the reservation page.

Sunday December 13

11:00am Tiny Ocean – Zoom Event & Online Workshop – Ages 4+
4:00pm A touch of light – Zoom Event & Online Workshop -Ages 6+
8:00pm Zoom lecture – Where has the action gone ? | Tamar Hochstadter – Adults

Monday December 14

11:00am Why did the fish cry? – Zoom Event + Online Workshop – Ages 3+
**4:00pm The Chelem Legend , Fool Moon – Digital show & Workshop Via Zoom – Ages 4+ ENGLISH**
8:00pm Zoom lecture – From the Stage to the Toybox | Shlomi Eiger – Adults

Tuesday December 15

11:00am The Rain Bird – Zoom Event & Online Workshop – Ages 4+
8:00pm Zoom lecture – Where is this relationship going? Creations that explore space, time and audience | Dafna Kron – Adults

Wednesday December 16

11:00am Once upon a world – Zoom Event & Online Workshop – Ages 4+
4:00pm Intro to Puppet Cinema Workshop – Zoom Event & Online Workshop – Ages 6+
4:00pm My Hugo – Zoom Event & Online Conversation -Ages 8+
8:00pm Zoom lecture – Puppet Cinema on the Connection between Theater and Theatrical Expression | Tzvi Sahar – Adults

Thursday December 17

11:00am Light by you – Zoom Event & Online Workshop -Ages 2+
4:00pm Grandpa Aharon’s Rain – Zoom Event & Online Workshop – Ages 4+
8:00pm Zoom lecture – Nothing is Sacred , Designing museum experiences for kids | Hadas Zemer Ben-Ari  – Adults

City of Play

The city of play is an activity that brings together the world of theater and the world of toys, with the word ‘play’ in its various meanings connecting these worlds. This is a physical play area for kids ages 4+. Reservations are required for the 30 minute activity.

Enjoy jungles, cities, colonies in space and ancient castles. Come create your wonderful world and play in it with little characters in a variety of colors and species. Located in the Train Theater in Gan Hapaamon.

Daily Sunday – Thursday 10:00am-3:20pm. BUY TICKETS

Theatrical Tours

Where is Mrs Gabbai?

Walk through the streets of Jerusalem as you follow costumed actors & musicians. The tour takes place in Yemin Moshe. 1.5 hrs in Hebrew

December 13 & 16 at 12pm. BUY TICKETS

The Adventure of the Silent Bell

The Bell Kingdom was a peaceful kingdom until one day the cruel tyrant, Hieronymus, took over the kingdom and took away all the rights of the inhabitants of the kingdom (and even kidnapped Queen Jola!)

A theatrical acting tour, which combines visuals, sound recordings and field play accompanied by guides. Ages 6-10, 45 min.

December 13-17 10:00am-4:00pm. BUY TICKETS

Train Theater
Located in Liberty Bell Park
Keren HaYesod St, Jerusalem

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