Time Elevator Jerusalem Hannuka

Take an amazing trip as you enjoy a multi dimensional movie experience at the Time Elevator Jerusalem located inside the Mamilla Mall.

The Time Elevator Jerusalem is a journey through the rich 3,000 year history of Jerusalem. You will be entertained on screen by Chaim Topol the star of “Fiddler on the roof”.  Different characters will lead you on an unforgettable journey moving through Jerusalem’s historic turning points: beginning with the City of David and ending in the 1967 Six- Day War.

In this unique interactive theater visitors have the sensation of viewing the movie as a participant rather than a spectator. You will literally move through history.

The movie can be seen simultaneously in Hebrew / English / Russian / Spanish / French / German / Italian and Chinese.

If you need stationary seats make sure to reserve in advance. 

Time Elevator - Mamilla Mall
Yitshak Kariv St 6, Jerusalem

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