“Reptiles and Creepy Crawlies” – Zooming with the Biblical Museum of Natural History

Do your kids love “creepy crawlies”? Want to learn more about reptiles in Tanach? Join Rabbi Slifkin at the Reptile Exhibit at the Biblical Museum of Natural History. Ask questions, see the reptiles up close and learn some fun facts. This tour is a special tour in English.

The new museum has seven halls in a total of 1400 square meters/14,000 square feet

Reptiles and Creepy Crawlies

A survey of the identities and fascinating natures of the reptiles and small mammals that are listed in the Bible. This presentation also shows how creatures that appear so lowly and mundane can be a source of tremendous inspiration. Featuring lots of live specimens!

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The Biblical Museum of Natural History
Corner of Topaz Street and Choshen Street, Har-Tuv Bet Shemesh

Reservations - May 24th Creepy Crawlies Tour