Guided Tour & Tekhelet Workshop – Biblical Museum of Natural History

Summer is a great time to visit The Biblical Museum of Natural History an indoor museum located in Beit Shemesh! Learn about the animals mentioned in the Tanach and those known to live in the Land of Israel.

NEW! Guided Tour & Tekhelet Workshop with specialist Joel Guberman

For over a thousand years, the secrets of the precious Tekhelet dye and the identity of the mysterious sea creature that produced it, were lost.  Over the past half century research, and discoveries by Rabbis, scientists, archaeologists and others led to the conclusive identification of the marine snail that is the source of Tekhelet.  Join the team at the Biblical Museum of Natural History to experience this discovery!

The museum is the brainchild of Rabbi Slifkin. His knowledge of the animal kingdom and how it connects to stories in the Bible is unsurpassed and now he has found a way to share it with kids, teens and adults at the new Biblical Museum of Natural History.

The museum is located in Beit Shemesh a 30 minute drive from Jerusalem.

Advanced reservations required.


The Biblical Museum of Natural History
Corner of Topaz Street and Choshen Street, Har-Tuv Bet Shemesh

Summer 2022 - Tekhelet BMNH

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