Summer Festival at the Museum For Islamic Art

This summer the Museum for Islamic Art presents workshops and tours for the whole family, guided tours for adults.

Daily Activities

10.30am – Special tour for kids of the new exhibition: Paisley, a Princely Pattern
12 noon – Daily plays for kids by the Orna Porat Theater Company
12.30pm – Tour for adults of the Paisley exhibit

Escape Rooms 

Code Names – The Circle of Destiny!
We need a sharp and daring team to stop the “dragon” and prevent the serious crime from happening. Time is short and the clock is ticking. Will you be the ones who will succeed in the task?  (Recommended for ages 14 years +, 2-4 players)

The Secret of the Clocks
The year is 1983, one of the biggest crime mysteries in Israel took place: the great watch robbery! You are invited to a journey of riddles throughout the museum until the discovery of the lost watch! (Recommended for ages 8-12 years)

Museum For Islamic Art
HaPalmach St 2, Jerusalem
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