Summer Movies at the Jerusalem Cinematheque

The Jerusalem Cinematheque has an amazing program for English-speakers this summer.

You can view their full program here

They offer diverse, monthly programming featuring the best of world cinema alongside a variety of films unavailable elsewhere and affordable to all.

Plus, every other Saturday and holidays, they offer special movies and events just for kids through their Kid’s Club, which is free to join and gives discounted tickets.

Some of our Summer Favorites

The Bridges of Madison County: Wednesday August 2, 6pm & Saturday August 5, 9.15pm

Robert, a ‘National Geographic’ photographer, falls in love with a farmer’s wife in Madison County, Iowa. Clint Eastwood’s adaptation of Robert James Waller’s novel. This film will surely be ranked among the classics of cinema’s love stories.

Pride & Prejudice: Wednesday August 2, 6pm

What could seem like a match made in heaven quickly becomes one of the most classic battles of the sexes ever portrayed in literature and on screen. A wonderful adaptation of the classic novel by Jane Austen.

The Princess Bride: Wednesday August 2, 8.45pm & Saturday August 5, 4.15pm

Swashbuckling adventure-fairytale about a beautiful young woman and her one true love, who must find and rescue her after a long separation.

Goldfinger: Tuesday, August 8, 8.30pm & Thursday August 10, 6pm

The gold magnate Goldfinger aims to throw the world into financial turmoil by taking over Fort Knox. James Bond is called on to foil the plot and encounters a series of surprisingly powerful obstacles. Exciting James Bond adventure, full of ingenious gadgets and nasty villians.

The Rock: Monday August 21, 8.30pm

Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage smuggle themselves into Alcatraz to topple a former army general who has taken control of the island with rockets armed with lethal gas. A frenzied action film, full of incredible effects and fast cuts, which became one of the biggest Hollywood hits of the 1990s.

Jerusalem Cinemateque
Hebron Rd 11, Jerusalem
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