Summer Concerts at the National Library

  • Thursday Aug 29, 2024
  • Thursday Sep 05, 2024
  • Wednesday Sep 11, 2024

Barry Sakharof, July 4, 9pm

Barry Sakharof needs no introduction. He is considered the godfather of Israeli rock. Sakharof’s unique sound and style has been his trademark since the start of his career and he still innovates decades later.  With him on stage: Nir Mansour (drums), Gidi Raz (samplers and guitar), Oren Lautenberg (electric guitar), Beno Handler (bass) and Yonatan Daskel (keyboards).  A stand-up show, under the stars.

Noga Erez, July 11, 9pm

Three years after the release of her album KIDS, and performing at the best music festivals in Israel and around the world, Noga Erez comes to the National Library for a one-off performance with new songs, just before the release of her latest album. A stand-up show, under the stars.

Eviyatar Banai, July 17, 9pm

Avitar Banai is undoubtedly one of the most beloved and exciting artists in Israel. His songs are about life itself, its melody and everything in between. The show, supported by a wonderful band, will feature Avitar’s favorite and well-known songs, songs that connect us to who we are and to each other. Tamir Muscat (music production, software, samplers and drums) ✦ Roi Hermon (keyboards, samplers and trumpet) ✦ Yogev Glossman (electric guitar and electronic bass) ✦ Itamar Ziegler (bass guitar and electric guitar).

Marina Maxmillian, August 29, 9pm

Marina Maxmillian is one of the most fascinating virtuoso creators and singers in Israeli music. And she’s coming to the National Library for an immersive, energetic, and unforgettable band show, featuring the best of her repertoire and some of her best new songs. Michael Hershlikevich (guitars) ✦ Omri Bar (keyboards and computer) ✦ Ofer Levi (drums) ✦ Gilad Avro (bass)

Chava Alberstein, September 5, 9pm

Take a gentle stroll through Elberstein’s rich repertoire, which includes over 60 albums and hundreds of songs. Side by side we weave songs from past and present, about this country and distant places, about the personal and the collective – together they turn the evening into something unique and magical. Eran Weitz (guitars and musical management) ✦ Maya Belzitzman (cello and vocals) ✦ Matan Efrat (percussion and computer)

The Church of The Mind, September 11, 9pm

The Church of the Mind band was founded in Sderot and over the years has left its unique mark on the soundtrack of Israeli music. The band combines British rock influences with Moroccan music and will perform their best hits from the last three decades. The music of the Church of the Mind unites all the shades of Israel with words that penetrate deep into the soul of each and every one of us. The band will host the talented creator Dodo Tessa in an intriguing perfomance, combining the musical worlds of pop and oriental rock. Yoram Hazan – vocals, guitar and saxophone Ran Elmaleh – bass and vocals | Ami Reis – keyboards | David Raz – acoustic guitar Daniel Zeiblatt – drums and percussion

National Library of Israel
Eliezer Kaplan St 1, Jerusalem
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