Gush Etzion Foot Festival this Sukkot

The Gush Etzion area is located 15 minutes outside Jerusalem and is rich with history, adventure and fun. The area played an important role in protecting Jerusalem during the ’67 War and today is home to many English speakers.

A unique festive festival for the whole family.

Aliyah march on foot from Mitzvah Elef in Gush Etzion And the class of the crowd led by Rabbi Rimon – Rabbi of the Gush Etzion Regional Council Three different tracks and different levels of difficulty.

Hike in beautiful landscapes, feel the history and connect with past, present and future.

Route 1 – From Neve Daniel to the Western Wall (about 22 km). 
Take the ancient road, through the Neve Uri farm, Nahal Chaletz and Nahal Refaim, White Ridge, the Rail Park, the station complex, the City of David and an exciting finish at the Kotel.  For experienced hikers.

Route 2 – From Neve Daniel to the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem (about 15km)
Follow an ancient road, we will pass through the Neve Uri farm, Nahal Chaletz and Nahal Refaim. For seasoned hikers.

Route 3 – Family Hike from Neve Daniel to Havat Neve Uri (about 4 km).
The route is not suitable for strollers

Throughout the day, there are also FREE creative workshops, magnet photography, 360 mirrors on the Temple, an escape game, music and actors, and more!

Gush Etzion
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