Sourdough Masterclass at Meshek48

David and Devorah Katz, founders of Pat BaMelach, have started a new venture called Meshek48. Based on Kibbutz Rosh Tzurim, their new space runs workshops, chef meals and family events. The space is also open to artists and artisans focusing in on the worlds of food, arts and culture.

This series is for people with at least one year experience baking sourdough breads. Classes will cover: baking schedules and process, baker’s percentages, scaling formulas, flours and starters, grains and milling, gluten protein structures, wild yeasts and bacteria’s, timing, temperatures, hydration, gluten development and breakdown.

Week 1: “Welcome to the Bake Midrash”
Week 2: Flour 101
Week 3: Time & Temperature
Week 4: The Grand Finale

If you’re into the science of sourdough, you’ll love this course!

Kibbutz Rosh Tzurim
Gush Etzion

Reservations Meshek48 Workshop

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