The Scatterbrain from Kfar Azza

The Israel National Youth Theater presents a musical adaptation of “The Scatterbrain from Kfar Azar”, a children’s book written and illustrated by Leah Goldberg.

It is the story of a scatterbrain who finds himself in a village called Kfar Azza which is orderly, calm, quiet and very disciplined. The man tries everything he can to fit in but, despite his best efforts, whatever he does is a complete disaster! For him night is day and today is tomorrow, he drinks from a plate and falls asleep in the shower.

When the residents of the village can no longer bare it, they throw him out and order is restored. But something is missing. Something has changed. People miss their scatty, loveable friend and neighbor. They begin searching for him. Will they find him? Will he come back? And if he does, can the village change and accommodate everyone?

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