Resin Summer Workshops

Nurture your creative side at Nicole Friedman Studio! Come experience first-hand what the resin art hype is all about.

With private and group workshops available, participants create color-bursting useable art

You choose what to make…
Resin bowls
Serving platters
Shabbat candle trays
Challah boards
Mezuzot and more

Nicole guides her students and shares her prized tips and tricks for creating stunning masterpieces.

And the best part is – you don’t have to be particularly artistic to create gorgeous resin art!

Resin & Art Workshop Ideas

Nicole Friedman Studio also offers alcohol ink art workshops, painting classes for adults and kids and group paint nights.

Resin workshops make for the perfect outing for date nights, chol hamoed activities, multi-generational quality time with family visiting from abroad, ladies night out, bat mitzvot and birthday parties.

Special Bridal Bouquet Workshop

She also specializes in Bridal Resin Workshops, where she works together with the kallah to preserve her bridal bouquet by encasing it in resin.

Resin Workshop - Summer

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