Pesach Wooden Mezuzah Workshop with Uri Kalfa

Make your own mezuzah case at this unique and creative hands-on workshop.

Have you ever wondered what is behind the Mitzvah of Mezuzah? Why do Jews all over the world hang one up on every doorpost?

With these questions in mind, come join Uri Kalfa in his studio and get the answers to these crucial questions while creating your very own unique Mezuzah case.

You will spend time learning about the history and significance of the Mezuzah, Then you will be invited back to the working area where each participant will hand carve and decorate their very own Mezuzah case.

Express your creativity while learning new skills and more about your heritage!

The average time spent in the workshop is 1.5 hours.

Uri Kalfa Studio
Haruvit 23, Maale Adumim

Pesach Reservations - Uri Kalfa

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