Online ScaVentures – In the Land of the Maccabbees!

And now presenting the ultimate ScaVentures Online  Guide. Whether you’re in Israel or not, whether you’re a big group or small, whether you want to play online or in site – there is a ScaVenture (or two) for you!

Choose your adventure…

ScaVentures in the Land of the Maccabees!

Whether you’re a family, a school, a youth movement or a corporate group, you will LOVE your ScaVenture in the Land of the Maccabees! All you need to play is a dreidel, a map of Israel, a copy of the Greek alphabet and of course an advance booking!

Israel Trail Quest

Make a virtual visit to Israel, practice your Hebrew in Netanya, “taste” some Israeli food in Herzlia, take some virtual “selfies” in the Judean Desert, complete the Jerusalem Quiz, prepare a rap that tells the story of the founding of Tel Aviv…. all this and many more.

Jerusalem Quest

If you can’t make it to Jerusalem, we will bring Jerusalem to you – in your JCC, youth center, community or school. Discover Jerusalem’s streets, alleys and markets and connect with Jerusalemites on this fun and hilarious online game.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Quest

Bnei Mitzvah ScaVentures are our signature activity and now you can celebrate your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah on this online mission game that is all about the eternity and unity of the Jewish people. Bar/Bat Mitzvah Quests can be customized for your child. You can play this along with your Israel family.

Am Echad, Lev Echad Israel Quest

This game is designed for families and communities abroad to play together with Israeli friends and family. All missions and themes revolve around the eternity and unity of the Jewish people.

ScaVentures Jerusalem Guidebook

This comprehensive, experiential Jerusalem guidebook takes you on 5 distinct adventures and serves as your family’s personal tour guide, on your schedule, on your terms, for all ages.

Reservations - Oneline Scavenger Hunt

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