Sukkot @ the Old Yishuv Court Museum

The Isaac Kaplan Old Yishuv Court Museum in the Old City of Jerusalem invites visitors to come and experience life in the Old City.

Sukkot at the Old Yishuv Court

Throughout Chol HaMoed Sukkot there will be daily guided tours of the museum and special activities for the whole family.

11.00am, daily: Guided tour

September 22, 12 noon: A Klezmer Gathering
Melodies and Chassidic stories for the whole family with Gershon Lazerson and Arik Shipman, members of the Israeli Klezmer Orchestra.

September 23, 12 noon: The Story of the Wagon
A musical fable of four Chassidim who travel with a kind-hearted, if old, cart and two old horses to visit a great Rebbe. Along the way they encounter obstacles and difficulties which they overcome through music and spirit. Performed by Tamar Meir (a graduate of the Mandel program), accompanied by violin and guitar.

September 26, 12 noon: The Last Shidduch
A tale of the hardships of Shlomel, the veteran Jerusalem matchmaker on the way to the last match. Performed by Aya Loft and Edward Spruchman.

Old Yishuv Court Museum
Or HaHayim St 6, Jerusalem

Sukkot - Old Yishuv Court