Musical Storytime at Beit Avi Chai

Beit Avi Chai invites you to join them on a musical literary adventure.

What does a writer look like? How does she sound? Where do stories come from? Join our story show – and discover all the answers!

This new series takes you on a wonderful journey of discovery led by Sarit Sussman, accompanied by Muriel Hoffman on the piano.

Meet authors, dive into their books and uncover a treasure-trove of literary secrets.

In honor of Family Day this month’s story is Jeremiah Street

A garden is about to be built on Jeremiah Street. How wonderful! But the Kharubi family are against the idea and plan a demonstration which causes conflict in the neighborhood.  How will the neighbors manage to convince the Harubi family that not every noise is disturbing and irritating? And what can be done to unite the local families?


Beit Avi Chai - Fun in JerusalemBeit Avi Chai - Fun in JerusalemBeit Avi Chai - Fun in JerusalemBeit Avi Chai Storytime- Fun in Jerusalem
Beit Avi Chai
King George St 44, Jerusalem, Israel
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