ScaVentures in the Land of the Maccabees!

And now presenting the ultimate ScaVentures guide to Chanukah! Whether you’re in Israel or not, whether you’re a big group or small, whether you want to play online or in site – there is a ScaVenture (or two) for you!

Choose your adventure…

ScaVentures in the Land of the Maccabees!

Whether you’re a family, a school, a youth movement or a corporate group, you will LOVE your ScaVenture in the Land of the Maccabees! All you need to play is a dreidel, a map of Israel, a copy of the Greek alphabet and of course an advance booking!

Israel Trail Quest

Race across Israel from top to bottom on the Shvil Yisrael, the Israeli National hiking trail. But this race isn’t just about speed, it’s about working with your team, bringing your creativity, and having FUN!

Quarantine Quest

Who says you can’t have fun in quarantine? Some fun and crazy missions coming your way!

If you are looking for an in person game – as long as Corona restrictions allow – you can choose from these great hunts.

  • Old City Scavenger Hunt
  • Nachlaot Scavenger Hunt
  • Neve Zedek Scavenger Hunt
  • NEW!!! Dash in the Valley of Ghosts (Emek Refaim) – no webpage yet, be in touch for bookings!

Online Options for Small Groups

Online City Dash

Explore the Old City, Nachlaot or Neve Zedek with your family – play it from your home!

Dubai Dash

Visit the iconic sites of Dubai, discover the incredible story of the Jews of the UAE, who for centuries, until now, lived and prayed behind bolted doors and shuttered windows.

In Person Options for Small Groups

No need for advance booking, you play this game independently without ScaVentures staff

City Dash

Explore the Old City, Nachlaot or Neve Zedek: the kids need to get out the house, you want to feel like you’re a family on vacation, your travel budget is much lower than expected, you need to stay away from crowds and most importantly you want to stay safe and healthy!

ScaVentures Jerusalem Guidebook

This comprehensive, experiential Jerusalem guidebook takes you on 5 distinct adventures and serves as your family’s personal tour guide, on your schedule, on your terms, for all ages.

Reservations - Hanukkah Scavenger Hunt