New Illustration workshops for kids @ Beit Avi Chai

  • Monday May 20, 2024 ()

Beit Avi Chai is hosting a new series of illustration workshops for kids, inspired by the landscapes of the country, with the best illustrators.

Experiment with color, textures and materials.

At each meeting participants will journey through the paths of the Land of Israel.  Inspired by a favorite Israeli song, young illustrators will travel with pencil and colors to a new and beautiful region of the land.

“HaTiyul HaKatan” with illustrator Amit Trainin – January 15

This workshop is based on a poem by Naomi Shemer “The Little Trip”.  Guided by Amit, you’ll experiment with the techniques of calligraphy and paper cutouts, and give shapes and colors to the landscapes that you see when wandering in nature.

“Ilu Tziporim” with illustrator Rami Tal – February 12 

This workshop is based on one of Noami Shemer’s most famous songs “Ilu Tziporim”.  Guided by Rami (who worked on the children’s hit series Caramel) you’ll experiment with the collage technique, discover a new and unique tool of manual coloring, and learn how to bring to life the image of the birds you see in your mind’s eye.

“Od Chozer HaNigun” with illustrator Maya Schleifer – March 11

This workshop is based on Natan Alterman’s poem “The Tune Comes Again”.  Guided by Maya, you’ll experiment with oil pastels, and draw the landscape seen through the eyes of the curious traveler from the poem.

“Hora HaYahazot” with illustrator Hanoch Piven – April 1

This workshop is based on the classic single, Hora HaYahazot, by one of Israel’s best-loved bands, Kaveret.  Guided by Hanoch, you’ll experiment with the “ready-made” technique, which will allow us to bring the objects around us to life and turn them into characters with full of joy.

“Halevai” with illustrator Aya Gordon – May 20

This workshop is based on Ehud Menor’s poem “Halevai”.  Guided by Aya, with the collage technique, and discover how the renewal of nature becomes a source of hope and excitement.

Beit Avi Chai
King George St 44, Jerusalem, Israel
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