Melodies and Miracles: A Festival of Jewish Music

The Aspakalaria Theater at First Station is hosting Melodies and Miracles, a special festival of Jewish Music this Hanukkah.  Six spectacular shows, over six nights, performed by some incredibly talented artists!

November 28 at 8pm: Maureen Nehedar, I will find a home:  SOLD OUT!
November 29 at 8pm: Broken Hallelujah, The Jewish Music of Leonard Cohen
December 1 at 8pm: Halev V’Hamaayan, Pioneering Hasidim
December 2 at 8pm: Gil Kopatch, Hasidut Kopatch
December 4 at 9pm: Israeli Ladino Orchestra, Ocho Kandalics
December 5 at 8pm: Piyyut Ensemble, Sacred & Wild

The festival is being held in line with the latest Ministry of Health guidelines and under the Green Pass system.