Sukkot Falcon Laser Tag POP UP in Latrun Area

This Sukkot Falcon has a special POP UP  package at their new, improved location at Chel Ha’handsa (The Engineering Corps Museum) – just 7 minutes from Latrun.

They are offering 30 minutes of laser tag, plus 30 minutes of either water tag or gelly ball. OR 30 minutes of gelly ball and 30 minutes of water tag.  You’ll need to pre-register.

Laser Tag Extreme

This is a game of tactical warfare with almost exact replicas of M16 and M4 rifles. Played in an outside space, full of obstacles and bunkers, you’ll need to work as a team and think strategically to out-wit your opponents. A forest or park is the perfect venue for this game which requires skill, tactics and speed!  Aged 10 +

Gelly Ball

This is the latest activity taking Israel by storm!  It’s a friendlier version of Paint Ball and is perfect for families with younger kids.  No paint, no dirt, challenging missions and what’s even better – it’s completely bio-degradable! Aged 6 +.  Suitable for groups of 10 – 100 people.

Water Tag

Get ready for an experience that you’ll never forget! Using our own specialized patent, we’ve created Water War Tag.  Feel the adrenaline pumping as you race around drenching your opponents with massive amounts of water – using a water gun with an incredible reach of 15 meters!  Participants wear special vests that measures the amount of water they have been shot by during the course of the game.



Museum "Chel Ha'Handasa" - just 7 minutes from Latrun.

Sukkot Falcon Reservations

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