Falcon Laser Tag Army Day

Army Day

A day filled with obstacles and challenges that give you a feel for being in the army. A real “Israel Experience”.

Enjoy an exhilarating, real-life adventure at an Army Day program at the Kalia Beach in the Northern Dead Sea!

In the heart of a magical oasis in the land of the dates alongside authentic desert hospitality, there’s a whole world of extreme activities from Falcon Attractions and Events.

The “Never Again” Program

Learn and train – just like in the IDF!

Basic training: (45 mins)

A senior instructor will receive each group and escort you to the training grounds where you’ll will learn about teamwork, discipline and commitment.

You’ll be trained in gun handling (body positions): Standing, kneeling and lying with dummy rifles, and also practice the technique of retrieving\carrying a wounded soldier.

Krav Maga: (45 mins)

A former commander within the Israeli counter terror unit (LOTAR) that has trained the IDF elites, will guide you through the basics of Krav Maga (defense against a knife wielding attacker).

Each participant will be given training knives and will practice self defense using these and pepper spray to fight off their attackers.

Tactical laser tag: (90 mins)

After learning the basics of being a soldier, participants will gear up with the most advanced laser tag equipment in Israel that is used to train our armed forces.

Participants will play through scenarios built to create the same synergy, teamwork and leadership seen in the IDF.

Over an-hour-and-a-half, you will “protect the leader” and “search and retrieve” lost team members.



Participants will be awarded a certificate of completion.

This is a perfect family activity for Yeshiva Week.

Dead Sea

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