Fairy Tale Festival at Botanical Gardens

A magical festival for kids and families at the Botanical Gardens. The Gardens are lit up with beautiful light features as you go from station to station meeting live actors dressed in fairy tale costume.

Meet Pinocchio and his Grandpa Gheppeto, Elsa and Rapunzel, Alice and Humpty Dumpty, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.

Children’s Activities

  • Take a Tour of the Tropical Greenhouse and meet Peter Pan & Tinkerbell
  • Visitors will be greeted by Gheppeto and Pinocchio who will give everyone a riddle and a map.
  • Take pictures with characters from the famous Fairy tales.
  • Visit Alice in Wonderland’s cricket ground
  • Try to save Rapunzel before she goes into the tall tower
  • Solve the Humpty Dumpty riddle wall
  • Walk the Wishes Trail & my first dragon route
  • Meet Elsa in the hidden waterfall
  • Search for gold in the mine along with the dwarves,
  • Climb like Jack and the Beanstock

The Botanical Gardens are over 120 dunams and this festival will take place in 1/4 of the Gardens. Social distancing will be adhered to.

Make it even more fun and arrive in costume as well.

The Botanical Gardens will be running the festival according to current Corona Guidelines. Tickets can be purchased through Bimot.

Jerusalem Botanical Gardens
Zalman Shneur 5, Jerusalem
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