Ein Yael Summer Festival

The annual Summer Festival of the Traditional Crafts at Ein Yael is a great family activity.

At the Ein Yael Summer Festival costumed actors will greet you and welcome you to the ancient Roman marketplace. Visitors can walk down the market street and meet different craftsmen as they work.

Enjoy live music around the bonfire, family theater in the outdoors, and many spots for family picnics.

This year’s theme is connecting to the sources of creativity, to traditional culture and the roots of things.

Visitors are invited to play, create and learn about the past through different craft experiences. Each day there will be a variety of workshops for the whole family:

  • theatrical performances
  • leatherworking
  • archery
  • pottery
  • woodwork
  • metal work
  • weaving
  • stone engraving
  • mosaics
  • pita making
  • natural gymboree for toddlers

Visitors are also invited to tour the archaeological site and natural spring, visit the petting zoo and more.

Reservations are required!

Ein Yael, Jerusalem
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