Botanizur Dinosaurs at the Botanical Gardens

This Sukkot enjoy this special family festival at the Botanical Gardens.

Step back in time and visit Botanizur – the dinosaur kingdom!

Botanizur takes families on a journey of discovery through three different periods: Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous, showing how dinosaurs evolved and how they integrated into the environment and their species.

  • Enjoy a unique encounter with over 45 life-size interactive dinosaurs in their natural habitat
  • Dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes come to life with the use of cutting-edge technology
  • Discover how dinosaurs lived and what they ate
  • Learn about the endangered plants, dating back the dinosaur era and the importance of conservation today
  • Spend time in the gardens creativity corner
  • Participate in special workshops
  • Visit the water complex and tropical greenhouse
  • Experience the award-winning International Art Exhibition – Augmented Reality

There’s a special area for younger children too!

  • Ride a dinosaur and have their photo taken together
  • Step inside dinosaur eggs
  • Play in the fantasy area and imagine themselves as dinosaur cubs
  • Visit the excavation zone to dig and discover dinosaur bones!

Jerusalem Botanical Gardens
Zalman Shneur 5, Jerusalem
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