Monster Festival at the Botanical Gardens – Botanifletzet

Jerusalem’s Botanical Gardens invites you to experience “Botanifletzet” this Sukkot – when monsters meet plants!

Encounter the unique monsters and together with the adventure-loving caterpillar, explore the mysterious creatures that have taken over the garden. Learn about nature and the laws of science and sustainability through a series of tasks and fun family activities.

  • 25 giant monsters, ranging from 3-16 meters high!
  • 1.2 kilometer route with 17 activity stations.
  • Spectacular sound and lighting effects (especially at night).
  • Loads of different child-friendly tasks to complete.

Take selfies with the monsters, play hide-and-seek, camouflage yourself and generally have a great time!

Israeli artist and designer Alexander Chaitsky, created and designed the monsters especially for summer activities at the Botanical Gardens.

Chaitsky’s works recently appeared in the pop-up exhibition at the Imperial Hotel in Tel Aviv, on the roof of the Shenkar school in Ramat Gan, at Beit Avi Chai, at the Light Festival and throughout Jerusalem.


Jerusalem Botanical Gardens
Zalman Shneur 5, Jerusalem
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