Bible Lands Museum Summer Activity

The Bible Lands Museum is excited to invite you to join them this summer in person or via zoom through a variety of activities.

Rolling Stamps | Zoom art workshop

We will hear and learn what cylinder seals are and who used them? Who made them? Which figures adorned the seals and where were they kept? A lovely workshop for creating a personalized “Galil” stamp by each participant For ages 5-10 | About an hour

When: Mondays August 10, 17, 24 at 10:30 | Price: 44 NIS per participant. More than 3 children: 40 NIS per participant (price includes workshop + tour + kit)

The Sphinx Puzzle | Online escape room

The whole family is invited to solve the Sphinx puzzle in the online escape room! With the help of the kit that you purchase in advance, you can decipher ancient writings and solve challenging puzzles to help you solve the Sphinx Puzzle | For ages 8 and up. About two hours

When: Tuesdays August 11, 18, 25 | Starts at exactly 2:00pm! | Price: 80 NIS per family (the price includes the kit for solving the puzzles)
The three families who finish first will receive a prize – a family membership to the museum.

The Prince And The Sphinx Zoom Theater Story Hour

An Egyptian folk tale about a fascinating encounter between Prince Thutmos and the Sphinx statue that begins with loneliness and distress, and ends with friendship, commitment and giving. A playful and dynamic story hour with Rivka Shabtai and with the active participation of the children For ages 4-8 | About 45 minutes

When: Wednesdays August 12, 19, 26 at 4:00pm | Price: 44 NIS per participant. More than 3 children: 40 NIS per participant (price includes booklet + set of art materials + costume)

“The Secret of Lion Power” | Theatrical tour and art workshop at the museum

The young lion Leon arrives at the museum following a letter from the Mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Leon, inviting him to join the secret lion order of Jerusalem. On a playful tour of the museum’s galleries, the children will meet Leon and help him solve puzzles and find hidden lions, in order to discover the secret of the power of the lion that will allow him to join the secret lion order. At the end of the tour – a cool art workshop by Arie Roag! | For ages 5-10 | About two hours

When: Sundays August 16, 23 & Wednesdays August 19 26 at 10:30, 11:30 |
Price: 35 NIS per participant. More than 3 children 30 NIS per participant Subscriptions: child 22 NIS, adult: free

Reservations are required for all activities. Activities will be run according to the Purple Health Ministry requirements. 

Museum Row
Shmuel Stephan Weiz St 21,